Monday, May 02, 2005

Dealing with Prickly Heat

Calamine lotion or....
there's a 'Sarna' lotion
a soothing emollient for dry itching skin....
containing camphor, menthol and phenol
after a shower, apply it. cools you down, baby!


Prickly heat can often be prevented. If you're especially vulnerable to prickly
heat, there are steps you can take to prevent flare-ups.

CHANGE infant's diapers as soon as they are wet.

AVOID exposure to heavy sunlight.

TAKE frequent showers or sponge baths during inclimate weather.

DECREASE activity during humid, warm weather.

DON'T wear tight clothing. Cotton clothing will allow the skin to breathe.

APPLY moisturizing or lubricating ointments to the skin daily.

USE powders containing cornstarch, which will help to absorb perspiration.

TAKE multi-vitamin supplements daily to keep the immune system functioning and
bacteria at bay.